The BAMS Rat Connectome Project (2009)

BAMS Rat Connectome Project is a purely curational project, with the long-term goal of assembling the most accurate and reliable connection matrix possible of the rat nervous system from the primary experimental literature.
The foundation of this approach is discussed by Bota and Swanson (2007). For 2009 version of the connection matrix click here.
The basic idea is to use this data matrix to refine our current 4-subsystem network model of mammalian nervous system functional organization (Swanson, 2003) or create a better one.


Bota, M. & L.W. Swanson (2007) Online workbenches for neural network connections. Journal of Comparative Neurology 500:807-814.
Swanson, L.W. (2003) Brain Architecture: Understanding the Basic Plan (New York: Oxford University Press).