Links related to BAMS

System, website, or group Link type
  • Search interface implemented in MBAT and Shiva
  • ID mapping and export of Swanson-98 neuroanatomical nomenclature hierarchy
  • MySQL backend connection
Cell Centered Database (CCDB)
  • OWL version of the Swanson-98 neuroanatomical nomenclature
  • OWL version of the BAMS Ontology (Stephen Larson)
  • MySQL backend connection
SenseLab (CellProp DB)
  • Dynamic query of BAMS by brain regions
  • MySQL backend connection
Information Technology Laboratory, National Institute of standards and technology
  • OWL conversion of the XML version of the Swanson-98 neuroanatomical nomenclature (John Barkley)
SFN Neurodatabase Gateway (Pubmed)
  • Dynamic queries of BAMS perfomed in PubMed, via a script created and stored in NDG (Dr. Luis Marenco, Yale), which allows reconstruction of projection matrices in BAMS, from reference information retrieved in PubMed
Neuronames (BrainInfo)
  • Manual ID mapping; links from Neuronames to BAMS
Allen Brain Atlas
  • Static link to BAMS from the main page of AIBS, and from the image viewer
Gene Network
  • Backend MySQL connection
Centro Nacional de Biotechnologia, Spain
  • Backend MySQL connection
Brain Array Lab, U. Mich.
  • XML versions of brain regions of connectivity data, for data mining.
Biocomputing Research Unit, UNAM, Spain
  • Backend MySQL connection
  • Transformation of BAMS Ontology in OWL, and inclusion of it in Protege