BAMS is a neuroinformatics environment for handling data from different species. The information that can be stored, processed or retrieved from BAMS is collated from the literature, or consists of experimental data inserted by neuroscientists.

He highly encourage users to read the online manual. This manual explains in details each function of BAMS, and includes examples of queries.
Note: the newest versions of internet browsers will tend to open the manual in a new tab, instead of window. They also will block it, if the security is set on "high". Please allow temporary popups, or hit the "Ctrl" button when you click on the manual link.

BAMS was designed and implemented by Dr. Mihail Bota under the supervision of Dr. Larry W. Swanson at the University of Southern California, NIBS Neuroscience Program.

The status of BAMS is "in development". Several modules of the system are fully functional and can be used by the members of the neuroscience community. The current features of BAMS include:

This work was supported by the NIH/NIMH Grant MH61223 (A Multimodal Multidimensional (4D) Map of the Mouse Brain), by NIH/NINDS Grant NS16686 and by the NINDS/NIMH/NIBIB Grant NS50792-01.

If you would like to participate in the development of BAMS, and/or provide data to be stored in it, please contact the system administrator.