Mesoconnection ( Thompson & Swanson, 2010 ) : A connection between two neuron types (Bota & Swanson, 2007), or between a neuron type (Bota & Swanson, 2007) and another cell type like muscle or gland cells; p. 15239. At this level of analysis all axon connections from (outputs of) a particular neuron type (Bota & Swanson, 2007) are arranged in terms of a stereotyped collateralization (branching) pattern of the axon trunks of the neuron type (Bota & Swanson, 2007), with individual axon collaterals innervating specific neuron types (Bota & Swanson, 2007)-the individual axon connections of the neuron type. At this level of analysis mesoconnections are established by synapses (Foster & Sherrington, 1897). In normal, healthy animals global mesoconnection patterns are genetically hardwired.

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