Nerve cell : Synonym for neuron (Waldeyer, 1891). The term was used by K├Âlliker (1852; see Shepherd, 1991, p. 35); also see Peters et al. (1991, p. 11).

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Neuron ( Waldeyer, 1891 ) : For the nervous system (Monro, 1783), the basic structural and functional unit at the level of cells (Hooke, 1665). The connections of neurons form the connectome and wiring diagram. Probably discovered microscopically by Dutrochet (1824; Pl. 2, fig. 20) in unfixed molluscan ganglia (Galen, c173) and named thus by Waldeyer (1891, p. 1352); also see Peters et al. (1991, p. 11).