Cerebral peduncle ( cpd ; Tarin, 1753 ) : The large compact white matter tract of macrodissected adult mammals descending laterally (Barclay, 1803) and ventrally (Schulze, 1893) in the interbrain (Baer, 1837) and tegmentum (Swanson, 2000) of the midbrain (Baer, 1837), as a continuation of the internal capsule (Burdach, 1822). It was clearly illustrated for macrodissected adult humans by Casserio (1609, pp. 123-124, Tab. VII, Fig. 2-C) and Tarin (1753, p. 25) gave its current name, which was followed by Burdach (1822, p. 99; in Latin, "crus cerebri").

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