Neuron extension : A thin cytoplasmic projection from the cell body (Deiters, 1865) that may be axon (Kölliker, 1896), dendrite (His, 1889), or amacrine extension. Synonym is neuron process.

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Neuron process : Synonym for neuron extension. Use of neuron process is discouraged because process could easily be misinterpreted to mean an action or series of actions; see Oxford English Dictionary (1989). Purkinje (1838, e.g., Fig. 16) used the term process (Fortsätze in the original German) for extensions of neuron cell bodies (Deiters, 1865)-which he referred to as gangliöse körperchen, ganglionic bodies; see Barker (1899, p. 66), Jones & Cowan (1983, p. 290). "Process" has been used in anatomy to describe a protuberance or projection since at least the 16th century; see Oxford English Dictionary (1989, def. 13).