Spinal nerves ( spin ; Camper, 1760 ) : The topographic division of vertebrate craniospinal nerves (Herrick, 1915)-the other being cranial nerves (Longet, 1742)-that arises from the spinal cord (Galen, c162-c166) and exits the vertebral or spinal column, and is also distinguished from autonomic nerves (Langley, 1898). They are divided into groups of cervical nerves (Galen, c173), thoracic nerves (Diemerbroeck, 1672), lumbar nerves (Diemerbroeck, 1672), sacral nerves (Camper, 1760), and coccygeal nerves (Camper, 1762), as enumerated now for macrodissected adult humans. Most of them were known to Herophilus (335-280 BC), the founder of human anatomy (see Solmsen, 1961; von Staden, 1989), and the term itself was first used in the currently accepted way for macrodissected adult humans by Camper (1760). The synonym vertebral nerves (Willis, 1664) might be a more accurate match for cranial nerves (Longet, 1742).

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