Terminal arborization ( Cajal, 1888 ) : Abundant branching at the end of an axon trunk or axon collateral (Cajal, 1899), typically with abundant axon terminals (Barker, 1899) and axon varicosities; used by Cajal (1888, p. 10) for Golgi material of bird cerebellum (Aristotle); also see Strong & Elwyn (1925, p. 173). Synonym is telodendria in its modern sense.

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Telodendria ( Rauber, 1897 ) : Originally the end branches of an axon (Kölliker, 1896)-the terminal arborization (Cajal, 1888)-or of a dendrite (His, 1889), with each individual branch a teledendron (singular); Rauber (1897, p. 74), see Barker (1899, p. 82), Böhm et al. (1926, p. 150). Now it usually refers just to the end branches of an axon; see Jones & Cowan (1983, p. 306, note).