Cerebellum ( CB ; Aristotle ) : The dorsal (Barclay, 1803) topographic division of the hindbrain (Baer, 1837), connected to the ventral (Schulze, 1893) division-the pons (Haller, 1747)-by a white matter tract, the middle cerebellar peduncle. The cerebellum was discovered and named by Aristotle (in De Partibus Animalium) based on macrodissection of a variety of animals not including humans; see translation by Thompson (1910, 494b 30). Older synonyms include parencephalon (Aristotle), hindbrain (Galen, c192).

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Hindbrain ( Galen, c192 ) : Synonym for cerebellum (Aristotle); see translation by Duckworth (1962, p. 18).

Parencephalon ( Aristotle ) : Synonym for cerebellum (Aristotle). This is the original term, derived from the Greek, used by Aristotle in Historia Animalium for the cerebellum; see Longrigg (1993, p. 212) and Clarke & O'Malley (1996, pp. 629-630).