Forebrain ( FB ; Goette, 1873 ) : The most rostral (Schulze, 1893) of the three primary brain vesicles of the vertebrate neural tube (Baer, 1837) that divides and develops into the adult endbrain (Kuhlenbeck, 1927) and interbrain (Baer, 1837). The adult forebrain is a topographic division lying rostral to the midbrain (Baer, 1837) that was identified by Varolio (1573), who called it the cerebrum in macrodissected humans, see Clarke & O'Malley (1996, pp. 635, 881-882). The primary forebrain vesicle was identified and named such for the embryonic vertebrate neural tube by Baer (1837, p. 106; "vordere Hirnbläschen" in German), and the corresponding part in adults was named by Goette in toads (1873, p. 400). A current synonym is the Latin prosencephalon (Mihalkovics, 1877).

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Prosencephalon ( Mihalkovics, 1877 ) : Original Latin form of macrodissected adult vertebrate forebrain (Goette, 1873).


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