Medulla spinalis ( Hippocrates ) : Latin form of spinal cord (Galen, c162-c166), introduced (in Greek) by Hippocrates in On the Sacred Disease and Fleshes, see translations by Adams (1972, pp. 234, 309) and Potter (1995, p. 139), respectively, and May (1968, p. 575).

Ventricles ( CEV ; Hippocrates ) : The part of the ventricular-subarachnoid space that lies within the vertebrate central nervous system (Meckel, 1817); they are continuous with the subarachnoid space (Magendie (1827) and are filled with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The (cerebral) ventricles were probably known to Anaxagoras of Athens (c488-428 BC; see Mettler, 1947, p. 10; Rasmussen, 1947, p. 1) and were named by Hippocrates in On the Sacred Disease (see translation by Adams, 1972, p. 353).