Afferent : Generally, a connection or pathway to a node. 1. The complementary terms afferent and efferent were first used by Unzer (1771; see English translation, 1851, pp. 69, 254) to indicate toward or away from, respectively, the central nervous system (Meckel, 1817) or, conversely, away from or toward the non-neuronal tissues of the body; see Sherrington (1900, p. 784), Clarke & O'Malley (1996, p. 342). These neutral terms avoid functional implications that may or may not be valid; for example, afferent information from the skin may not be sensory if it does not reach the level of consciousness. 2. A connection or projection to a gray matter region, neuron type (Bota & Swanson, 2007), neuron (Waldeyer, 1891), or site. The preferred synonym is input.

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Input : A connection to a neuron (Waldeyer, 1891), neuron type (Bota & Swanson, 2007), or gray matter region from another neuron, neuron type, or gray matter region. All such nodes can and generally do have multiple inputs.