Rhombicbrain ( RB ; His, 1893b ) : The caudal (Cleland, 1879) of the three primary brain vesicles-the primary hindbrain vesicle (Baer, 1837)-of the vertebrate neural tube (Baer, 1837) develops into the adult topographic division, the rhombicbrain. The latter contains the hindbrain (Baer, 1837) or synonymous secondary hindbrain (Sharpey et al., 1867)-which is the cerebellum (Aristotle) and pons (Haller, 1747)-combined with the medulla (Winslow, 1733) or afterbrain (Baer, 1837). His introduced rhombicbrain for macrodissected adult vertebrates (in the original German, "Rautenhirn", p. 173), and Herrick (1915, p. 121), for example, applied the English form used here. Synonyms include rhombencephalon (His, 1893b), epencephalon (Owen, 1868), hindbrain (Carpenter, 1976).

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Hindbrain ( Huxley, 1871 ) : Synonym for macrodissected adult human rhombicbrain (His, 1893b); p. 58. Used thus recently by for example Carpenter (1976, p. 58), Nauta & Feirtag (1986, p. 38), Williams et al. (1989, p. 949), Nieuwenhuys et al. (2008, p. 1).