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Heterogeneous tract : A white matter tract with two or more mesoconnections (Thompson & Swanson, 2010) within it. more details

Hindbrain ( HB ; Baer, 1837 ) : Rostral (Schulze, 1893) half of the primary hindbrain vesicle (Baer, 1837) of the vertebrate neural tube (Baer, 1837) as it develops into the adult cerebellum (Aristotle), which lies dorsally (Barclay, 1803), combined with the pons (Haller, 1747), which lies ventrally (Schulze, 1893); p. 107, in the original German, "hinterhirn". The term for this topographic division has been used in this sense more recently, for example by His (1895, p. 162), Obersteiner & Hill (1900, p. 46). The term is derived from the fact that since the time of Aristotle and Galen the cerebellum, often combined with the pons, was routinely considered the posterior brain, hindbrain, or small brain, whereas in contrast the cerebrum was often considered the anterior brain, forebrain, or large brain; see Swanson (2000). Synonyms include epencephalon (Sharpey et al., 1867), secondary hindbrain (Sharpey et al., 1867), metencephalon (Huxley, 1871). more details

Hindbrain ( Galen, c192 ) : Synonym for cerebellum (Aristotle); see translation by Duckworth (1962, p. 18). more details

Hindbrain ( Huxley, 1871 ) : Synonym for macrodissected adult human rhombicbrain (His, 1893b); p. 58. Used thus recently by for example Carpenter (1976, p. 58), Nauta & Feirtag (1986, p. 38), Williams et al. (1989, p. 949), Nieuwenhuys et al. (2008, p. 1). more details

Homogeneous tract : A white matter tract with a single mesoconnection (Thompson & Swanson, 2010) within it. more details

Horizontal plane ( Henle, 1855 ) : Synonym for transverse plane (Henle, 1855); introduced by Henle (1855, p. 1), see Standring (2008, Fig. 1). It is often confusingly used in quadrupeds for frontal plane (Henle, 1855); see horizontal plane (Horsley & Clarke, 1908). more details

Horizontal plane ( Horsley & Clarke, 1908 ) : A synonym for frontal plane (Henle, 1855), commonly used in comparative anatomy. Horsley & Clarke (1908, p. 52) adopted this terminology for use in a stereotaxic instrument and it was adopted for mammals in general, especially in atlases. Also see horizontal plane (Henle, 1855). more details

Hypencephalon ( Kupffer, 1893 ) : Synonym for hypothalamus (Kuhlenbeck, 1927) for anamniote embryos; in German, "unterhirn", pp. 51, 94 and Figs. E,F-17-19; also see His (1893b, Fig. 1-H) for human embryo. more details

Hypothalamus ( His, 1893a ) : His introduced the term hypothalamus here, but included the preoptic region (Swanson, 1976b, pp. 229-235) of the hypothalamus (Kuhlenbeck, 1927) in the telencephalon (His, 1893b); pp. 159-162. more details

Hypothalamus ( His, 1893b ) : By this definition the preoptic region (Swanson, 1976b, pp. 229-235) of the hypothalamus (Kuhlenbeck, 1927) and pars optica hypothalami (His, 1893b) are within the telencephalon (His, 1893b); also see His (1895, Figs. 17-20). more details

Hypothalamus ( HY ; Kuhlenbeck, 1927 ) : The ventral (Schulze, 1893) topographic division of the interbrain (Baer, 1837): the dorsal (Barclay, 1803) topographic division is the thalamus (His, 1893a). The first adequate description of the hypothalamus as a layer of gray matter surrounding the lower half of the third ventricle (Galen, c173) was provided by Wharton (1656, see 1966 translation, p. 170); His (1893a, pp. 159-162) introduced the term but assigned the preoptic region (Swanson, 1976b, pp. 229-235) of the hypothalamus (Kuhlenbeck, 1927) to the telencephalon (His, 1893b). The definition here was introduced for vertebrates by Kuhlenbeck (1927, p. 67, Ch. 9); also see Christ (1969, p. 23), Nauta & Haymaker (1969, Tab. 4-1). more details